During our Inventory Analysis, WMSS PharmEcology Services will review your 12-month drug purchase history and identify the regulatory classification of all potential drug wastes. This purchase history can be easily obtained from the pharmacy's drug wholesaler. Our detailed analysis includes the comprehensive portfolio of information listed below.
In addition, we now offer state-specific waste categorization at the product level in those states which have stricter definitions of hazardous waste.

  • Characterized inventory to identify RCRA hazardous waste (P, U, and D codes), PharmE Hazardous® drugs (proprietary best management category used for capturing prescription items that are not listed under RCRA but that WMSS PharmEcology Services recommends be managed as RCRA), bulk and trace chemotherapy, biohazardous, and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste

  • Separate PDF documents for pharmacy and environmental services, including our unique "Products to Label" Report, DOT shipping report, Controlled Substances report, and OSHA Hazardous Drug Review

  • A master Excel file for Pharmacy that provides the basis for communicating disposal instructions throughout the facility through various IT applications

  • Identification of all items that can still be safely managed by drain disposal

  • List of all potential OSHA hazardous drugs that should be addressed from an employee health and safety standpoint

  • The Inventory Analysis forms the basis for generic waste profiles and expedites waste approvals into selected disposal facilities

Rely on our Sustainable Pharmacy® solutions to deliver environmentally sound management of both hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste.

About Us

PharmEcology has been the thought leader in pharmaceutical waste management since its inception in 2000 and has pioneered both hazardous waste categorization and the implementation process throughout the healthcare organization.