Every state except Iowa and Alaska are EPA authorized states, which means they have the authority from EPA to manage their own hazardous waste programs. These states must promulgate and enforce hazardous waste regulations that are at least as stringent as the federal RCRA regulations but may also be more stringent.

Our website offers state-specific hazardous waste guidance at the product level. In those states with additional waste codes, including Minnesota, Michigan, and Maine, to name a few, our clients can now identify these immediately by indicating their state with their product search. This information will also be reflected on the  PharmE® Inventory Analysis  report, taking the guesswork out of compliance in these stricter states. In addition, we monitor state adoption of Subpart P, EPA’s Final Rule: Management Standards for Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals and Amendment to the P075 Listing for Nicotine. As states adopt, we adjust the waste categorization notifications by product so our clients have accurate information and can take advantage of the benefits of Subpart P.

Subscribers to the PharmE® Waste Wizard® also have access to our hazardous waste regulation state summaries. This summary of the state's major requirements includes an indication as to whether or not the state is more stringent than RCRA in defining hazardous waste and if the state has adopted the Generator Improvements Rule (GIR) and Subpart P: Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals. The database also includes a link to the pertinent regulations on the state's website.

Rely on our Sustainable Pharmacy® solutions to deliver environmentally sound management of both hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste.

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PharmEcology has been the thought leader in pharmaceutical waste management since its inception in 2000 and has pioneered both hazardous waste categorization and the implementation process throughout the healthcare organization.