Individualized Solutions

During the past 20 plus years we’ve been working with the healthcare industry to manage pharmaceutical waste challenges, we’ve learned that our services are part of a larger concept, a total solution individualized for each organization to encompass that organization’s resources, priorities, and culture.

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PharmEcology Services offers a unique consulting service which leverages the PharmEcology database to provide a customized Assessment of Risk (A of R) for clients based on their Inventory Analysis along with an A of R algorithm that enables healthcare facilities to customize relevant decisions, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), containment strategies, etc.

Disposal Guidelines

The PharmE® Waste Wizard®, our patented, subscription based, on-line search engine, enables any designated person in your organization to search over 220,000 pharmaceutical products to determine how to dispose of them properly. We now offer state-specific hazardous waste determination at the products level for those states having stricter definitions of hazardous waste.

Inventory Analysis

The PharmE® Inventory Analysis categorizes your current drug inventory to determine which pharmaceuticals are either a RCRA hazardous waste, or a state hazardous waste, if discarded.


PharmE® Implementation Program is designed to offer guidance and assistance on pharmaceutical waste categorization, segregation, storage, transport and disposal through a combination of web conferences, teleconferences, and on-site consulting and training.


The PharmE® Computer-based Training Program provides PowerPoint slide presentations which are customized for the on-site training and can be uploaded into the facility's e-learning system.


The PharmE® Policy and Procedure Templates provide EPA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) compliant templates which can be customized and integrated into your current Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Policies and Procedures.


The PharmE® Audit Program is designed for those organizations who have already implemented a pharmaceutical waste program and are interested in performing a quality check, expanding the program, exploring cost reduction options, or in refining the program.

Rely on our Sustainable Pharmacy® solutions to deliver environmentally sound management of both hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste.

About Us

PharmEcology has been the thought leader in pharmaceutical waste management since its inception in 2000 and has pioneered both hazardous waste categorization and the implementation process throughout the healthcare organization.