DEA Publishes Clarification Letter to the Healthcare Industry

    [released October 17, 2014]

    (Germantown, WI - October 17th, 2014) PharmEcology Services, WM Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

    On October 17th, 2014, the Drug Enforcement Administration published a clarification letter to the healthcare industry with respect to the new controlled substance disposal rule published September 10, 2014, indicating that "...once a controlled substance has been dispensed to a patient by an institutional practitioner on the basis of an order for immediate administration to a patient at the registrant's registered location, the substance is no longer in the practitioner's inventory. For example, after a pre-filled syringe or a single-dose vial or syringe is administered to a patient, any remaining substance in the syringe or vial is not required to be destroyed in accordance with new Part 1317. " The clarification continues, "Although Part 1317 does not apply to pharmaceutical wastage, the DEA strongly encourages all practitioners to continue to adhere to security controls and procedures that ensure pharmaceutical wastage is not diverted. For example, most institutional practitioners have implemented policies that require two persons to witness and record destruction of pharmaceutical wastage." The entire text of the letter is available at the DEA Diversion website.