AP Probe Finds Drugs In Our Water Supply

    [released March 13, 2008]

    "Drugs In Our Water Supply" was the topic of discussion in three recent investigative articles published by the Associated Press during the second week of March, 2008. According to Charlotte Smith, president of PharmEcology Associates, LLC, this high profile attention will only heighten the already increased awareness and enforcement climate impacting healthcare facilities and their management of pharmaceutical waste. Ms. Smith notes that PharmEcology hospital clients are to be commended for leading the industry by addressing the issue of pharmaceutical waste management ahead of the curve. She expects that this media attention, coupled with the ongoing study by the EPA Office of Water of drug disposal practices in hospitals, long term care facilities, and veterinary clinics, will further encourage adoption of practices that are both in compliance with current hazardous waste regulations and that meet industry best management practices.

    The investigation by the Associated Press continues to receive wide coverage in the popular press. AP's coverage begain with their release on March 10th discussing Drug Traces Common In Tap Water. On March 11, AP released their investigative report on Drugs in Water Causing Troubling Problems to Fish, Wildlife. On March 12, AP released their third investigative article in the series indicating Little Done to Test, Limit Contaminated Water.

    Ms. Smith expects that the topic of drugs in our water supply will receive increasing attention in the weeks and months to come. Additional investigations are already underway and congressional hearings are expected within the month. She encourages hospitals to contact PharmEcology® Associates, LLC for more information about how they should properly dispose of pharmaceutical waste.

    PharmEcology® Associates, LLC of Wauwatosa, WI was founded in 2000 and provides pharmaceutical waste management consulting services to the healthcare industry through seminars, on-site risk assessments, and other custom consulting services, in addition to the PharmE® Waste Wizard and PharmE® Inventory Analysis. Contact us at 414-292-3959 or email us at info@pharmecology.com.