PharmEcology® Re-categorizes Bracco's Barium Sulfate Contrast Medium

    [released October 24, 2011]

    Effective immediately, PharmEcology has re-categorized most of Bracco Diagnostics' barium sulfate contrast medium products. Based upon the latest information we have received from Bracco Diagnostics, PharmEcology now recommends that these products be disposed of as non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste.

    Bracco Diagnostics is the leading supplier of oral barium sulfate contrast medium used for gastrointestinal radiology. Bracco's products include the Readi-Cat® family of barium smoothies and many other products containing high levels of barium sulfate. Until now, PharmEcology has recommended that these products be disposed of as hazardous waste under RCRA due to their high barium content. However, Bracco has completed leaching tests for these products and the results confirm that the level of barium released to the environment fall below the EPA's threshold of 100mg/liter for barium.

    For the actual test results and disposal recommendations for specific Bracco products, including the older E-Z-EM products acquired by Bracco several years ago, PharmEcology's customers should refer to the PharmE® Waste Wizard.

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