EPA Decides Phentermine Salts are not Hazardous Under RCRA

    [released December 06, 2011]

    PharmEcology has just learned that in October, 2010, the EPA issued an official email indicating that Phentermine salts should not be considered hazardous under the listing for Phentermine, P046. The listing does not include the term 'and salts' and, as a result, the EPA concluded Phentermine HCL is not listed. This was the principle used for EPA's policy that epinepherine is listed as P042, but that the salts are not covered by the listing. This decision is particularly meaningful since Phentermine is also regulated by the Drug Enforcement Administration as a controlled substance in Schedule IV, making disposal more problematic. 

    In their email, the EPA notes that this is the federal position. States authorized to manage their own RCRA programs can take a more stringent stance. PharmEcology advises healthcare facilities to contact their state regulators before they change their operating procedures. 

    PharmEcology has updated the PharmE┬« Waste Wizard to indicate these products should be disposed of as non-hazardous controlled waste. We have also enhanced the Wizard results to include a message indicating phentermine salts may be considered hazardous by your state. 

    You can review the the full text of the EPA's email at the EPA's Email on Phentermine Salts

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